Gran Turismo fans rejoice! Honda resurrects the real Prelude as a concept EV

Honda Prelude Concept
(Image credit: Honda)

Anyone with an affinity for the Gran Turismo series will immediately recognize the long, wedge-like shape of the Honda Prelude. It has appeared in most of the games, offering a cheap entrance into the front-engined, front-wheel-drive road car category.

Obviously, it was ripe for modification and in real life it offered a legitimate two-door sports car experience in something that could easily be used every day. Aside from the NSX, Honda hasn’t focused its intentions on proper sports cars since the S2000, so does this concept signal a return to form?

Unveiled at the very end of Honda’s Japan Mobility show speech, the Honda Prelude EV gives us a good look at what an electrified version of this 80s and 90s classic could look like.

"We know our customers are expecting one more thing from Honda, and that is sports models," Honda Director, President and Representative Toshihiro Mibe said during his presentation.

"Honda has always been committed to creating sporty vehicles. And the word 'prelude' means an "introductory or preceding performance." 

"This model will become the prelude for our future models which will inherit the ‘joy of driving’ into the fully-fledged electrified future and embody Honda's unalterable sports mindset," he added.

The shape of things to come?

We’re not sure if this speech guarantees full commitment to a production version of the Prelude EV. But the concept itself doesn't look like it needs to be radically altered to hit the streets. 

That said, there was absolutely no mention of EV powertrain that would underpin in, nor any suggestions of performance figures.

Still, it certainly looks the part: not overly aggressive, not too low or impractical, this Prelude EV could easily be a contender to the likes of the rumored electric Porsche Boxster. 

Hopefully this signals a return to form for Honda sports cars, and more exciting hot EVs in general. 

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