Who needs Cyber Monday? The world's smartest dash cam is even cheaper now, if you’re happy with the 1080p version

Nextbase iQ dash cam mounted to a car windshield, seen from the outside
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If you thought you knew dash cams, you might have to think again when it comes to the new Nextbase iQ. It ushers in a new dawn of always-connected 'smart' dash cams that do the hard work for you should the worst happen.

Its cutting-edge connected car tech with world-first safety features only launched last month, and now, even thought the Cyber Monday deals have officially finished, the 1K (1080p Full HD) version has dropped to an even lower price.

The iQ is one of the best dash cams ever made, but also one of the most expensive, and that's before you factor in the subscription service that's required to access the most useful features. However, the price of the iQ (1K version only) has been cut, with $100 off at Nextbase

During Black Friday through Cyber Monday the 1K, 2K and 4K versions of the iQ all had a $50 price reduction. Now Cyber Monday has ended, and it's bad news if you were set on the 2K or 4K versions, as they're back to full price – but if you're happy with the 1K version, it's now just $399 at Nextbase.

Today's best deal for the Nextbase iQ 1K: $100 off

Nextbase iQ (1K): $499$399 at Nextbase
Save $50:

Nextbase iQ (1K): was $499 now $399 at Nextbase
Save $50:
Launched last month, this brand-new and world's smartest dash cam gets its biggest price cut – there's $100 off the 1K version. I'll keep an eye on the prices of all three versions; the 2K is currently $599 and 4K flagship is $699 – both full price, whereas during Black Friday to Cyber Monday there was $50 off all three models. In our iQ review we described Nextbase's latest and greatest dash cam as 'the best add-on car security solution yet'. It's still expensive, and you need an additional subscription to realize its full potential, but you'll struggle to find a more versatile camera for your vehicle.

Our Nextbase iQ review highlights just how important some of its smart features proved to be. In fact, our regular dash cam reviewer Rob Clymo recently wrote about his experience when his car got totalled, and how invaluable a smart dash cam was.

You're not always thinking clearly after a crash. So to have the benefit of a cloud-based smart camera like the iQ doing its thing in the background is well worth the outlay over a regular dash cam. 

A lot of the help and assistance is done by the iQ camera and app automatically. It's one less thing to worry about, and if you're unlucky enough to have an accident or car-related incident, it provides a great deal of reassurance, even if the service comes with a subscription cost. You can learn more about the iQ's smart features in the review and article links above. 

And now, with a $100 discount on the 1K version for this exciting new dash cam, there's never been a better time to try it out for yourself.

Nextbase iQ alternatives

The iQ is still a pretty expensive smart dash cam, even with the $100 discount. If it's still too much of a stretch, there are some excellent alternatives, and I've included a couple of the best for different budgets below.

70mai dash cam Omni (128GB): $199.99 $169.99 at Amazon

70mai dash cam Omni (128GB): was $199.99 now $169.99 at Amazon
The world's first 360-degree dash cam, the Omni features a Full HD 1080p rotating camera that can record the front view or cabin of your vehicle, controlled by the free app. One neat feature is the AI motion-tracking mode that can follow and record a detected subject that lingers for too long by your parked vehicle. The dash cam has built-in MMC storage, and this Amazon deal is for the 128GB version, while 32GB and 64GB versions are available on the 70mai website. There was a price cut of $40 over Black Friday to Cyber Monday, but post-Cyber Monday there's a $30 coupon, so it'll cost an extra $10.

Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2: $129.99 $99.99 at Amazon

Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2: was $129.99 now $99.99 at Amazon
It's one of the tiniest dash cams you'll ever see and barely the size of a key fob, but the Garmin Mini 2 is a capable on-board camera that captures high-quality HD footage. It puts a focus on simplicity, and has a useful set of voice control commands and a handy smartphone app, while the camera is easy to swap out if you own multiple vehicles. The Mini 2 forgoes features like a touchscreen display in favor of being so small that it hides neatly behind your car’s rear-view mirror, and you can grab it now for less than $100 at Amazon.

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