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Toshiba TS803 review

Simple but effective multimedia mobile

The buttons on the TS803 are big enough for beefy fingers

Our Verdict

There's very little wrong with this Toshiba, but it also has very little to distinguish itself from the masses


  • MP3 player is useful


  • Camera isn't very steady

In Europe, Toshiba is a relative newcomer to the mobile phone scene, with the TS803 as its 3G music offering. It's a well equipped multimedia handset with a sharp 2.3-megapixel camera and dedicated music controls. The 2.2-inch high resolution screen is a treat and the buttons are big enough for beefy fingers.

The phone functions as a music player supporting the MP3 and AAC file formats. Files are stored on a mini-SD memory card, which comes in capacities up to 1GB.

Sound quality is respectable, but without the highs and lows you'll get from a dedicated player.

The TS803 has an impressive 2.3-megapixel camera for shots you can print off. However, we found we needed a steady hand to avoid blurry images.

The Toshiba TS803 is larger than your average mobile, but not much bigger than most other 3G handsets, and it's ideal if you want to travel with a single gadget. It lacks the design flair of its competitors, but it's free on contract exclusively from Vodafone.