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When it comes to consuming movies, TV shows and mobile games there's no better handset in Apple's arsenal than the iPhone 6S Plus.

Its large, full HD display and punchy A9 processor means it has the chops to be a top entertainer and it doesn't disappoint. With Apple's own services available via iTunes, the App Store and the new Music app, the 6S Plus rocks up with everything it needs to keep you going on the go.

There are no expandable storage options, so you'll want to ensure you pick up an iPhone 6S Plus to satisfy your needs. The 16GB model is the cheapest, but you'll actually have less than that to use after the operating system is taken into account.

For those of you with already bulging iTunes libraries your only real options are the 64GB and 128GB models. Pricier sure, but at least you're unlikely to run out of space.


Apple's new Music app now boats Beats Radio and Apple Music streaming alongside your existing catalogue of tunes.

Apple Music is a rival to the likes of Spotify, with Apple offering first time users a three month free trial before billing you monthly for the streaming service.

Head over to the Radio icon though and you'll be able to listen to the Beats 1 radio channel for free - although the featured stations and audio performances require an Apple Music subscription.

iPhone 6S Plus review

If you fancy things a little more traditional, Apple's iTunes library is still at your beck and call, with a wide variety of tracks, artists and albums ready and waiting to be purchased and downloaded.

The single speaker on the base of the iPhone 6S Plus kicks out a decent volume and audio quality is actually pretty good considering it's a smartphone speaker. Trouble is I often found my hand covering it up, especially in landscape mode, which detracts from the experience.

Plug in a set of headphones though (or turn on your paired Bluetooth cans) and the iPhone 6S Plus provides crisp, rich audio directly into your ears.

It's a bit large for strapping to your arm for running, don't forget - I tried it a couple of times and unless you get a specific case you'll need to cram it into the universal ones. But then again, you know what you're getting into when you're buying a phablet.


Movies and TV shows can really take advantage of the screen real estate available on the iPhone 6S Plus.

The full HD resolution and bright, vibrant display makes videos look excellent and I was comfortably able to enjoy shows while on the train to work.

It's no different to the iPhone 6 Plus, so if you're wondering whether or not to upgrade from the old Plus to the new Plus, in this respect it's not worth it.

iPhone 6S Plus review

Due to the size and weight of the iPhone 6S Plus it can get a little tiring on the wrists if you're having to hold it up for a long time - but it's not a big problem.

You'll find all your moving pictures in the dedicated Videos app, and once you've tapped on a film or TV show to play you'll be given basic video player controls to manage playback.

If you're in need of something new to watch just head over to iTunes where a host of options are waiting for you to buy and rent.


For now, gaming on the iPhone 6S Plus is pretty much identical to how it was on the 6 Plus. Load times are fast, game play fluid and visuals eye catching - but the 6S Plus holds a lot of additional potential.

Its newer A9 chip means that it's better future proofed than its predecessor, but the real talking point is 3D Touch.

iPhone 6S Plus review

As developers start to utilize the pressure sensing tech in their games, we'll see a whole raft of new interactions and experiences which will only be possible on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

For now, you'll get an excellent gaming experience on the iPhone 6S Plus, but you'll also be safe in the knowledge that it will get even better over the coming months and years.