LG 55LX9900
This is LG's best looking set to date, incorporating Full LED backlighting into a 3cm frame

LG 55lx9900 angle

Given the truly mammoth amount of features the 55LX9900 carries, you might expect it to be a nightmare to use, but this is not so.

For starters, the on-screen menu system is exceptionally well presented, with large, clear text, obvious graphics and straightforward organisation. The normal remote control is impressively well thought through and comfortable, while the Magic Remote proves a largely inspired alternative to the usual way of doing things.

We spotted a glitch with the latter's menus, whereby the text under some of the icons gets repeated to a nearly unreadable extent. But again, this will presumably have been sorted via firmware for sets on sale.

On the downside, some parts of the instruction manual appear to be rather poorly translated, and the TV's picture presets are hit and miss.

For instance, the TruMotion processor is kept on when you've got the Sport preset selected, even though it regularly caused the ball to vanish completely momentarily while watching the Wimbledon tennis. Just as well, then, that the process of tinkering with the settings yourself has been made so easy.