Oppo PM-1 review

Possibly the best headphones ever created by man, but ye gods they're expensive!

Oppo PM-1
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Oppo PM-1: specifications

Acoustic Principle: Open back

Ear Coupling: Circumaural

Nominal Impedance: 32Ohm

Sensitivity: 102dB in 1mW

Clamping Pressure: 5N

3 m detachable OCC cable (6.35mm)
1 m detachable OFC cable (3.5mm)

Cable Connectors:
Output: 2.5mm mono mini jacks
Input: 6.35mm stereo jack, 3.5mm stereo jack

Weight: 395 g (without cable)

Included Accessories:
Wooden Box
Carrying Case
6.35mm and 3.5mm cables
Alternative set of velour ear pads
User Manual

Driver specifications

Driver Type: Planar Magnetic

Driver Size (Oval): 85 x 69mm

Magnet System: Symmetric push-pull neodymium

Frequency Response In Free-Field: 10 - 50,000Hz

Long-Term Max Input Power: 500mW according to IEC 60268-7

Pulse Max Input Power: 2W