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Vodafone's data-boosted SIM only deals are the perfect cheap option right now

SIM only deals
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Big data and even unlimited caps on your SIM plan are great, but they come with one obvious downfall: they're expensive. So for those on a budget hunt, what are the best SIM only deals right now?

Amongst the strong crowd of affordable options, Vodafone stands out as a top pick. With its basic plans, you can secure deals from as low as £6 a month, making these some of the cheapest plans in the UK.

It goes without saying that these options aren't overflowing with data, and those needing their weekly Netflix binge will be better off going with the likes of Three or Smarty.

However, with three options currently available, offering up to 10GB of data, Vodafone will be the ideal choice for anyone who just wants one thing above all bills.

However, there is one major caveat with these plans - they are all Vodafone's Basic options. These are, as the name suggests, very basic in what they offer. You can't get any of Vodafone's added incentives and won't get any roaming abilities.

Vodafone's cheap SIM only deals

Vodafone SIM only | 12 months | 500MB 2GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £6 a month
The cheapest of the three SIM plans, this one will only really work for people who aren't avidly streaming or making use of social media. If you find that you just use your data for light emailing, casual social media use and the occasional bit of internet browsing, this is one of the cheapest SIM only options out there.View Deal

Vodafone SIM only | 12 months | 1GB 5GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £8 a month
For just a few quid extra each month, this plan secures you a healthy 5GB of data for just £8 a month. That extra few GB will fit the needs of most casual users, even allowing for a little bit of Netflix and general streaming. View Deal

Vodafone SIM only | 12 months | 3GB 10GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £10 a month
In our eyes, this is the best value of the three plans. It gives you 10GB of data for just £10. At 1GB per pound, this deal offers you the best bang for your buck, and will enable you to quite comfortably stream, game and use social media without fear each month - as long as you don't push it too hard.View Deal