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This Wahoo Tickr heart rate monitor deal will take your fitness to the next level

If you’re someone that just doesn’t get on with a heart rate monitor on their wrist - be it to do with accuracy, or not actually owning a running watch - then you can still get all the benefits of heart rate training with the Wahoo Tickr.

This band sits snugly around your chest (although, do adjust it so you can breathe, it’ll still work just fine…) and will send out data on your heart rate to any watch or phone you care to pair it with.

And the Wahoo Tickr has a decent discount on Amazon Prime Day, with the band now only costing £31.99, compared to the £40-odd you’ll find it most other places.

We saw it drop to this level around Christmas time last year, but it’s since climbed back up again - but it’s one of our favourite affordable heart rate monitors.

That’s because it’s easy to clip into place with the poppers, syncs with everything thanks to packing Bluetooth and ANT+ support and seems to work accurately in our tests.

For the price, anyone looking to take their training up a notch by listening to their effort levels over their speed, this is a great buy and well worth picking up before the Lightning Deal ends at 11.45PM.

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