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This Samsung Galaxy S20 deal on EE offers big data and monthly bills of just £36

Samsung Galaxy S20 deals
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If you've been closely monitoring Samsung Galaxy S20 deals since they were announced, you will know that they are by no means an affordable option, despite being the cheapest of Samsung's three new phones.

However, as a slight relieve from the high prices, we've come across an offer from dropping, what appears to be, the lowest price on a S20 contract so far. Costing £36 a month for 45GB of data, this undercuts everything else.

Obviously, with that kind of price there is also an upfront cost - £150 to be exact. However, even with that extra spend, this still comes in as the cheapest option and you can save a tenner by using the code 10OFF at the checkout.

If you really can't stomach that price and would feel more comfortable paying all of your costs on a monthly basis, an offer from Affordable Mobiles will get you the handset for £43 a month and nothing upfront with 90GB of data. However, this deal is on the 4G handset meaning you'll be missing 5G capability.

This affordable Samsung Galaxy S20 deal in full:

Samsung Galaxy S20: at | £140 upfront (with code 10OFF) | 45GB data | Unlimited minutes and texts | £36pm
As it stands, this seems to be the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S20 deal around without going SIM-free and grabbing a cheap SIM only plan. Despite its low price, you still get 45GB of data on the EE network. Just watch the £140 upfront cost - a high price to start with to get those lower monthly bills.
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What is the Samsung Galaxy S20 like?

The cheapest of the three new devices but easily the one most people will go for. Like its two bigger brothers, the S20 comes with a 120Hz display meaning smooth transitions between different apps and activities. It has the smallest display at 6.2-inches but holds the same Quad-HD+ Dynamic AMOLED display. Internally, there's a triple camera set-up, offering a telephoto 64MP camera and a wide angle and Ultra Wide, plus a 4000mAh battery and 12GB RAM.

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