The market is full to the brim with brilliant big data SIM only deals right now

SIM only deals
Image credit: Vodafone
(Image credit: Vodafone)

For those looking to invest in a brand new big data SIM only deal, you're pretty much spoilt for choice right now. In fact, with so many impressive offers, dare we say it is one of the best SIMO line-ups we've ever seen? Dare, we shall.

With offers ranging from 25% discounts on unlimited data, excellent EE prices and Vodafone's market leading cheap offer, the only real issue you'll find here is the struggle to decide which one you want most. 

Ready to invest in your new SIM only offer? We've listed all of the standout offers below so you can find the one that works for you. But if you find yourself still lacking your perfect deal, consult our SIM only guide for everything from the cheapest offer to the most feature packed. 

These big data SIM only deals in full:

Vodafone | 12 months | 8GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £10 per month
While we're fully aware that this couldn't exactly be considered a 'big data plan', the price is just too good not to mention and 8GB is still enough for most folk. At £10 a month you're getting access to 8GB of data each and every month. To get this much data normally you would have to pay quite a bit more each month, making this a more than worthy mention.
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Smarty | 30-day contract | Unlimited data | Unlimited texts and calls | £25 £18.75 per month
There is so much to love with this offer we don't really know where to start. With a 25% discount off its price, this is the cheapest price for unlimited data by a fair chunk. On top of its market leading pricing is the fact that this is a 1-month rolling contract. That means you can leave at any time and won't end up tied into a long contract. Finally, you can even tether with this SIM meaning you can connect your laptop, tablet etc and use your unlimited data through your phone's data.
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Three | 12 months | Unlimited data | Unlimited texts and calls | £22 per month
Until Smarty came along with its reduced pricing, we were here hailing Three as the best SIMO out there. But if you would rather go with a name you know, Three is our go to choice. For £22 a month you can unlimited data with Three, undercutting the average all-you can-eat-data offer by a few quid a month. Or go even cheaper with Three unlimited at £20 a month, as long as you're willing to commit to a two year contract.
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EE |12 months | 25GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £23 per month
We know that for some, EE is the only conceivable option when it comes to SIMO - who doesn't want the UK's fastest 4G speeds after all? If you fall into that group, then this is the best SIM only deal out there for you. We really like this effort from the usually-overpriced EE (although we liked it even more when it came with a free pair of Beats headphones a short time ago). You can also cash in on 6 months of Apple Music and 3 months BT Sport app access.
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Vodafone SIMO on Red Extra | 12 months | 100GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £24 per month + £90 cashback
On the complete opposite end of the spectrum to the Vodafone offer at the top is this. £24 a month is a pretty great price for this much data, but throw in the £90 cashback and this deal becomes exceptional. After the cashback is taken into account, you're effectively only paying £16.50 each month. If you don't mind being a bit more persistent in getting your money, there is also a cashback by redemption offer of £120.View Deal

Vodafone SIMO on Red Extra | 12 months | 100GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £24 per month + Free Jay headphones
The exact same deal as above, but if the idea of cashback doesn't bother you, maybe you would prefer some headphones. On top of your 100GB data SIM only deal, you'll also get a free pair of Jays over-ear headphones. Costing £69.95 on, this is a nice added bonus to your new big data contract and is completely exclusive to TechRadar readers.

With 25 hours of Bluetooth playtime, immersive bass, noise isolation, touch controls and sound well above its price range, these headphones are an excellent addition to this SIMO.
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