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The next version of Android will be revealed today

Sundar Pichai
'L' reportedly stands for Android Lollipop

Google IO 2014 kicks off later today and we can expect some exciting announcements from the company's annual developer conference. How big are we talking here? Try the next version of Android big.

In a long form Bloomberg Businessweek profile on Sundar Pichai, the Android chief said he plans to preview the "L" release of Android during the conference's opening day today.

The move would be a significant shift towards greater transparency; the search giant has classically withheld its annual operating system updates until fall.

In the interview, Pichai said he wants, "the world to understand what [Google is] doing sooner." More importantly, he remarked that manufactures have complained the latest versions of Android have always been revealed too late for device makers to implement.

Up until now, Nexus phones were often the only handsets to get the latest software first. With this year's early preview, we could see the latest versions of Android land on all devices sooner.

Goodbye, Google TV

Alongside an early look at Android "L," Google IO may include an introduction to Android TV. Leaked on April 6, the new entertainment platform will purportedly include Netflix, YouTube, and other video streaming service apps arranged in easy-to-navigate cards similar to the Apple TV set-top box.

To help prevent repeating the same mistakes that plagued Google TV into obsolescence, Pichai has supposedly brought everyone working on the TV software into one team to create a single, consistent experience.

Given the company's recent success with Chromecast, Google should have an easier time attracting content providers. Additionally, it should have a cache of streaming apps that already work with the new entertainment platform.

Don't forget Android Wear

In a brief mention, Pichai said he would announce new manufacturing partners and devices utilizing Google's wearable platform, Android Wear.

Health tracking was on the Android point man's tongue, which means we will likely see fitness trackers and biosensor-equipped wearable computers.

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is the Hardware and Roundups Editor at IGN Entertainment. Prior to IGN Entertainment, he worked at TechRadar.