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Microsoft outs Xbox LIVE app for iOS

Surprise! Microsoft launches Xbox LIVE iOS app

Microsoft has, somewhat surprisingly, launched an Xbox LIVE app for Apple's iOS devices.

Alongside the launch of the Xbox LIVE Companion for Windows Phone handsets, Microsoft quietly released My Xbox LIVE for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The free app allows you to change your avatar, manage your friends list, invite new friends and compare achievements with your fellow Xbox LIVE gamers.

Not quite a companion

However, the iOS app doesn't boast the same ability to search for, play and control content on your Xbox 360 console.

The Xbox Companion for Windows Phone app also allows you to view supplementary information related to the content you're watching, playing or listening to.

The iOS app, which is only accessbile to Xbox LIVE members, is also notable because it boasts a decidedly Windows Phone-esque user interface. Cheeky.

The launch of the smartphone apps follows the slightly delayed launch of the new Xbox Dashboard, which brings a host of multimedia content and Kinect voice control.

Via: Engadget, Joystik