Samsung reveals that the Galaxy S10 yielded its best pre-order sales yet

Samsung Galaxy S10 deals
Image credit: Samsung

A whole decade on from its first ever Galaxy S phone launch, Samsung says it has just had its best ever pre-order period with the Samsung Galaxy S10 launch. Generating the highest amount of pre-orders of the whole series, Samsung's latest and greatest appears to have won over phone fans in the UK.

Samsung claims that out of the three devices released, Galaxy S10 Plus deals have out-performed the rest. Accounting for 57% of UK sales, this highlights the on-going trend of top-end phones beating out cheaper, more budget devices.

According to Samsung, the company is fully dedicated to pushing innovation this year. Conor Pierce, Corporate VP of Samsung UK and Ireland said: "This year, we will continue to invest in innovation with our S10 5G handset and Galaxy Fold coming later this year, ushering in a new era of smartphone technology and connectivity."

The best Samsung Galaxy S10 deals

If you're looking to get your hands on your own Samsung Galaxy S10, then you're in the right place. Our editors have scraped the S10 barrel clean to find all of the best offerings currently available - you can see them all on our dedicated deals pages:

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Or if you would rather spend a little more upfront and save overall, maybe a SIM-free offer would be more up your street? The best option SIM-free right now is going directly through Samsung. Going straight to the manufacturer gets you a free wireless charger and the option to trade in your phone for up to £300.

Of course, you'll be wanting your brand new S10 as soon as possible. Going through Argos allows you to get the phone straight away through its click and collect option - simple and quick. 

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