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Sony SmartBand fitness tracker with 'Core' tech to arrive in UK in April?

Sony's pitch to jump in on the one of the hottest sectors in tech will begin in earnest early this spring when its Sony SmartBand fitness tracker with the intriguing 'Core' technology is likely to arrive in the UK

According to Carphone Warehouse's website, The Nike FuelBand SE rival, which was announced at CES earlier this month will sprint onto shelves in April, although there's no price or specific date listed at present

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Like many of the devices already on the market, the attractive Sony SmartBand will track the wearers movement patterns throughout the day and report the findings back to a smartphone app.

However, thanks to the 'Core' chip that slips inside the SmartBand, it'll can also discern the length of the activity, meaning users can harness stats on how long they walked, ran, travelled or even slept.

Beyond that, the Core technology is also somewhat of a lifestyle assistant. It tracks when you take photos, what music you listened to and when you consumed other forms of entertainment.

The idea is to provide users with a means of "watching their lifestyle back on screen," according to Sony

The data harnessed by the Core will also inform recommendations for inspirational workout playlists, while Sony also plans to open up the technology to developers, allowing for endless possibilities.

Sony has promised more detailed information regarding the SmartBand and the Core chip, but in the meantime you can read our hands on review from CES.

Via Inquirer