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Polaroid Android camera not coming to UK

Polaroid Android cameras
It looks like only Americans will get to own a Polaroid Android device

The much talked about Polaroid Android "smart" camera looks set to remain just a concept for the UK.

C&A Marketing, the licensee responsible for bringing Polaroid producs to market since buying the rights to use the brand in 2009 has decided not to bring the SC1630 to British shores.

A spokesperson for the firm told us that there had been "no word" that the camera would be made available outside the US.

Much talked about since its official launch at CES in Las Vegas back in January, the camera featured a 3x optical zoom lens and was powered by the Android operating system, meaning apps could be added to the camera's functionality.

Since then, several manufacturers have told us that the concept is interesting and is being looked into. Samsung has denied rumours that it is about to launch its own version of a smart camera, while Panasonic has said that it has been discussed.

Existing tech

It would make sense for an electronics giant to take on this kind of proposition, as the technology needed already exists within the portfolio. Olympus meanwhile, told us that it was wary of opening up its operating system to third parties.

Here in the UK, several Polaroid products come under the C&A Licence, including the GL40, a camera with an inbuilt printer.