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Blurb: ebooks can 'change the world'

Blurb will soon give photographers the option to create standalone eBooks

The CEO of Blurb, the self-publishing book making company, has said that she believes that eBooks are "revolutionary", and "the next big thing".

Blurb was founded by Eileen Gittens, a photographer who was unable to find a decent way to self-publish her photographs in a professional looking book.

So far, Blurb has concentrated on traditional print mediums, but is started to move into the realm of eBook publishing with the increasing popularity of tablets.

Speaking to TechRadar she said, "eBook is the next big thing. It gives anyone the opportunity to publish their stories, their ideas, that's revolutionary, and I think that can change the world, it's the future."

At the moment, customers who create a printed Blurb book have the opportunity to also create an iPad version, but the opportunity to create an eBook only version (which can later be printed) will be arriving in the summer.


Clearly, a large amount of profit comes from the printed sales of books, but Gittens isn't worried about eBooks eating into those traditional sales.

"Actually, eBooks will drive the sales of printed books because eBooks are less expensive so more people will see them, and from that group, a percentage will want to own a hard copy."

Gittens also suggested that demand for printed books is on the increase, thanks to other tablet applications. "Other companies with design and photography apps for the iPad come to us for a solution, because their customers are asking for print books.

"If you've spent a lot of time as the author [or photographer], you're going to want a few copies, you're going to want people to see it if it's something you're proud of."

Last year, Gittens claims, Blurb posted a 25% year on year growth, and paid out over $1million in payments to authors selling books through its online store.