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Turn by turn navigation hits the iPhone

xGPS for the iPhone
xGPS for the iPhone

Users of the iPhone will be pleased to know they could soon be getting lost a whole lot less after new turn-by-turn GPS software has been released.

However, thanks to Apple's stringent app vetting process, it's only available on jailbroken iPhone at the moment.

xGPS version 1.2 brings the functionality that many have been waiting for since the iPhone 3G, complete with GPS chip, was announced.

What are you doing, Dave?

It uses Google Maps' images for directions, and features text-to-speech software to allow you to hear the instructions while driving. xGPS says this voice will be tweaked in the near future, so we assume it's going to sound a bit like a speak-and-spell for the time being.

You can even download maps straight to the device via PC and then wirelessly push them to your iPhone, meaning you won't need a connection if you know where you're going.

We're still all waiting for the TomTom application release that's apparently been coming for ages to turn our iPhones into 'proper' sat-nav devices, but for now you'll have to be content with this pretty comprehensive app.

There's a YouTube video of the application in action if you fancy going over to check it out, and xGPS has published a list of all the features of its new application so you can find out all about things like Night Mode and compatibility with Google Terrain.

From xGPS via PC World