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Microsoft solves Windows Mobile 6 headache

Microsoft has released Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1, an upgrade that now fully supports Windows Mobile 6 devices

Windows Mobile 6 smartphone users can now synchronise their devices easily with PCs running Microsoft Vista, following a software update .

Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 is the latest version of Microsoft's mobile management software for Vista. The software update has addressed issues some early users of new Windows Mobile 6 smartphones have reportedly had when trying to sync with Windows Mobile Device Center.

Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 enables PC users to manage Windows Mobile smartphones, synchronising addressbooks and calendars. It also allows users to transfer content such as music and videos between devices. Version 6.1 supports all smartphone and Pocket PC devices from Windows Mobile 2003 onwards.

Microsoft has also revealed that from the third quarter of the year, Windows Mobile devices will be compatible with Office 2007. Users will be able to read and edit documents created by Office 2007 Excel, Word and PowerPoint. The third quarter will also see the new generation of Windows Mobile 6 devices preloaded with updated Office Mobile 2007 applications.

Key updates:

  • Information Rights Management activation enabling the device, to open IRM-protected documents and files
  • Synchronisation with HTML-formatted mail
  • Synchronisation files between smartphone/Pocket PC and PC
  • Data connections enabled on Windows Mobile device when connected to a PC
  • Certificate Enrolment automatically updated from PC
  • Automatic device authentication