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Nokia: we want our competitors to succeed

No monkey dances were forthcoming, sadly
No monkey dances were forthcoming, sadly

Nokia has confirmed that its relationship with Microsoft is non-exclusive, but stated that it wants the likes of Samsung and HTC to prosper in the market too.

At the investor conference TechRadar was invited down to, Stephen Elop, Nokia's new CEO, said he hoped the announcement would help see a boost in sales across all devices:

"Our number one priority now is the evolution of the [Windows Phone 7] ecosystem - and that includes work done by our competitors.

"We see this as a good thing as it will help Windows Phone 7 thrive."

Android attack

When quizzed about the possibility of Nokia joining the Android platform, Elop said that explorations with Google had taken place, and that Android has some 'attractive elements'.

"We spent time with our colleagues at Google [over the possibility of bringing Android on board].

"It's an attractive ecosystem, but we have a fundamental belief that it would have been difficult to differentiate ourselves within it.

"The value is going to become commoditised as a number of devices rush in, and eventually that's going to push all the value to Google.

"The Microsoft option gave us the best opportunity to fight with a new ecosystem, and that allows us to offer customers the best choice."