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Nokia rebranding Comes with Music as Ovi Music Unlimited?

Ovi Music - it's now unlimited
Ovi Music - it's now unlimited

Nokia looks like it's giving up on the Comes with Music branding for its unlimited tune download service.

The music service is being unveiled in India, but instead of the clunky 'Comes with Music' branding, we're now seeing Ovi Music Unlimited.

If you check the address bar of your browser on the site, you'll still see it labelled as Comes with Music, and we doubt Nokia has two unlimited MP3 download services.

Up to speed

It would make sense to re-brand the service to bring it in line with the rest of the Ovi stable, but we thought Nokia was trying to make CwM a separate brand in itself, so consumers knew what they were getting with their expensive phone.

But despite a huge investment at launch, Nokia's CwM offer has yet to be anywhere near a success - so could this be the beginning of the end for the unlimited music offering?

Nokia is set to launch a new wave of phones based on Symbian^3 at the end of the year, so perhaps this is gearing up for that and making music more central to its devices.

Via Engadget