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Nokia N900 gets Firefox 1.1 upgrade

Mozilla might be all about pre-alpha Android builds these days, but that hasn't stopped it updating Firefox for the N900.

Based on the soon to be replaced Maemo OS, the N900 was one of the first devices to get a full version of the mobile version of Firefox.

The new 1.1 upgrade offers a number of new features, and the headline ones will help make your Firefox Mobile experience that little bit better.

One handed fun

First, there's the portrait browsing - the N900 is an almost exclusively landscape device, with only calling performed vertically. But most of the time you want to browse with one hand, and this finally is possible with the new update.

The volume switch now zooms in and out of web pages, like in the other browser on the phone, and menus have been improved to offer more intelligent and context sensitive options during browsing.

Overall there are nine changes in the 1.1 update of varying importance, so if you want to get the latest version then simply choose to upgrade within the browser of your phone, or head over to