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NFC to come as standard on all Nokia phones

NFC to come as standard on all Nokia phones
Nokia and NFC sitting in a tree...

Nokia has revealed that it plans to add near field communications (NFC) to all Nokia phones in the future, which means that even the company's upcoming batch of Windows Phones will have the chip inside.

Nokia has been quite the champion of NFC, recently bringing the technology to UK museums and it has strongly been hinted that NFC was to appear in future Windows Phone handsets, but never confirmed it - until now.

NFC inside

This is according to Ilari Nurmi, a vice-president of Nokia who was speaking at the launch of Nokia's new Symbian OS in Hong Kong, where he stated: "From now on, all of our products will have an NFC chip inside.

"All other NFC-equipped devices can also link to our products."

This was backed up by Mark Selby, the vice-president for multimedia at Nokia, who also noted that NFC would indeed be coming Nokia's Windows Phone handsets.

Nokia isn't the only phone company getting in on the NFC action. Samsung today announced three new Bada 2.0 handsets – all of which have the option to have NFC inside.

Check out our video of NFC in action at the Museum of London below:

Via Mobile Tech World