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Google Motorola deal gets antitrust probe

Google Motorola deal gets antitrust probe
Just try and look nonchalant, Google

Google's $12.5 billion dollar purchase of Motorola has piqued the interest of the US Department of Justice, which has asked for more detail about the deal.

Motorola revealed that the department's antitrust division has asked for "additional information and documentary material" relating to the acquisition.

The phone maker also said that the department of justice has also been on the case with Google for similar information.

Trying times

Despite the feds sniffing around, the deal is still anticipated to close by the end of this year or in early 2012, according to Motorola at least.

The antitrust division exists to regulate anti-competitive business dealings in order to maintain a fair marketplace.

Just this week Google's Larry Page compared the Motorola deal to its acquistion of YouTube - and the $12.5 billion price tag is not to be sniffed at.

Despite all and sundry in the mobile market rushing to 'welcome' the merging of the two companies, we can't help but suspect that there'll be a few boardrooms crossing their fingers for an antitrust ruling that stops it going ahead.

Via Reuters