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It's Friday - that means new Microsoft ad day

He's a PC, apparently
He's a PC, apparently

Becoming more regular than the number 57 bus, Microsoft has unveiled its latest advert to the world and shock, horror, it's actually quite good. Well, when we say 'quite good', we mean it's an improvement on the misjudged Seinfeld/Gates collaboration.

Essentially trying to break the stereotypes associated with Apple's 'I'm A Mac' adverts, we get a whole host of different people saying "I'm a PC".

And it's not just ordinary folks: 'Desperate Housewife' Eva Longoria Parker pops up, as does a guy that designs ecological building and a man in an underwater shark cage.

In the end you come to the quite obvious conclusion that not all PC users are suit-wearing uber-geeks. Well some are, as Bill Gates crops up as well.

Seinfeld MIA

The question remains, however; is this the end of Jerry Seinfeld, advert-wise? Has Microsoft really spent $10 million to have him in just two adverts? Apparently not – it's all part of the plan to drop him for a bit. Believe that and you'll believe anything.