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Oppo phone deals available exclusively at Carphone Warehouse

Oppo Find X, RX17 Pro and RX17 Neo

Update: Oppo officially launched its phones in the UK back on January 29, with Carphone Warehouse (and the rest of the brands under its umbrella) stocking the Find X, RX17 Pro and RX17 Neo online. But as of today, they're now also available instore at Carphone Warehouse and Currys.

Oppo has landed. The Chinese phone maker that has a massive market share in Asia is now being sold in the UK, with three models available to purchase on launch.

But don't expect to start seeing Oppo phone deals across a range of retailers quite yet. Carphone Warehouse has bagged the exclusive rights to sell Oppo mobiles on these shores in the first instance.

And if you've been waiting eagerly to bag a brand new Oppo deal on contract, you'll have to continue to be patient. The available handsets - the Oppo Find X, RX17 Pro and RX17 Neo - are only possible to buy SIM-free to start out. So you'll have to cough up for the whole thing and then combine with a cheap SIM only deal if you want one straight away.

We're also expecting Carphone Warehouse's other brands such as, e2save and, possibly, Currys to stock these new Oppo models as well. But at the time of writing, only Carphone Warehouse itself has them available to buy online.

Keep reading to learn more about the new Oppo phone deals that you can buy today and their prices.

Oppo Find X | Flagship | £799
You may have already seen pictures of the Find X and its novel pop-up camera function. That means there's not even a need for a notch on the striking 6.4-inch AMOLED display. This is Oppo's attempt to mix it with the big boys.
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Oppo RX17 Pro | Mid-range | £549
The same size as the Find X but with a tiny notch, you'll save almost £250 if you go for the RX17 Pro instead. You still get a tasty-looking 20MP main camera, 8GB Ram and 128GB onboard storage. Likely to be the most popular of Oppo's offerings.
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Oppo RX17 Neo | Budget | £319
It may be the most affordable Oppo available at Carphone Warehouse, but it doesn't lack for screen size. It's another bezel-less 6.4-inch handset, but with fewer MP and less impressive processing than its siblings above.
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