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ZTE hints at Windows-powered tablet

ZTE planning to take Microsoft's OS beyond the handset?
ZTE planning to take Microsoft's OS beyond the handset?

ZTE could be set to extend its tablet strategy to include a budget device powered by Microsoft's Windows 8 platform.

Speaking to TechRadar at the launch of the new Windows Phone ZTE Tania, Chris Edwards, European marketing and business development directorfor ZTE, told Techradar that the company could leverage its relationship with both Windows and Google for future low-cost tablets:

"When you look at the majority of tablets launched, they've mostly been targeting the iPad, so I guess it doesn't take a genius to work out that our positioning of a tablet will be to a mass market audience.

"We've got a great relationship with Goole and Microsoft, and we believe we can replicate things you've seen [with the ZTE Tania] and previously seen on our other smartphones; we can deliver that on tablets," added Edwards.

"We're working in partnership with both [Google and Microsoft, and you'll definitely see a range of devices coming from ZTE in the future."

A budget tablet based on Windows 8 would certainly be an attractive proposition in the market, especially given the rumours that slates based on the next-gen OS from Redmond is going to be a costly purchase.

Two pronged attack

Edwards also explained that the company is working with networks in the UK to create tablets under their name, as the company continues to work as an original design manufacturer (ODM) as well as extending its own brand presence:

"We're working on two tablet as an ODM with some of the operators, and we're very much going to expand into the tablet market; that is going to be for the future as right now we're concentrating on getting our brand credentials out.

"Obviously Apple led the tablet charge and grabbed a huge portion of the market, and since then companies have struggled to find a space in the market."

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