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Nokia tablet to be made by Apple manufacturers?

Nokia N900 - a precursor to an iPad competitor?
Nokia N900 - a precursor to an iPad competitor?

The long-rumoured Nokia Tablet is looking more and more likely, with strong rumours suggesting that details of the device are being finalised.

Asian tech news giant DigiTimes is suggesting that the Nokia Tablet is moving forward swiftly, with over 100 engineering samples of a device that will almost certainly run MeeGo.

Apparently, Nokia is looking at 7 or 9 inch screen size devices that will be manufactured by Foxconn – the same company the produces the iPad and iPhone for Apple.

iPad competitor?

Nokia will be hoping that a tablet could be a competitor to the phenomenally popular iPad, and, although the UK release date of such a device is obviously up in the air, rumours are suggesting that an Autumn launch is not out of the question.

Nokia do, of course, have a degree of pedigree in the mobile internet device market, although devices like the N800 and N900 are more akin to smartphones than the tablet computers that are set to proliferate.

Apple's iPad has sparked huge interest in the tablet sphere, and any effort by Nokia is likely to be surrounded by competitors from major laptop companies like Dell, HP, Asus and Acer as well as other phone manufacturers.

Via DigiTimes