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CyanogenMod shows off Android for TouchPad

CyanogenMod develops Android for HP's TouchPad
Android could make HP's Touchpad a must-have

CyanogenMod has already managed to port Google's OS onto the HP TouchPad, a webOS-powered tablet.

We've previously reported on a RootzWiki-based collective hacking the HP TouchPad to run Android, and now CyanogenMod, which will be familiar to anyone who's rooted their Android smartphone, has detailed its efforts.

But this early-days port is not without issues - the most crucial is the touchscreen interface, which still doesn't work with the mod. Instead, the modders have been forced to use an external console to control the device while the touchscreen drivers are unlocked.

Do not touch

It's also running Android 2.3.5, which is primarily designed for smartphones. We've seen tablets running this flavour of Android before, and we've been less than impressed.

A post on CyanogenMod's forums requesting Android on the tablet device garnered 1,300 views in the space of two days after the cheap HP TouchPad firesale prices saw customers nabbing the slate for £90 - so the collective started working on it immediately.

CyanogenMod's efforts still represent a big step for the TouchPad, though, and if it's a success we could see the more tablet-friendly Android 3.0 rooted onto the device.

via Softpedia