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Toshiba plans to make less consumer PCs, won't abandon them completely

Toshiba Excite
Can't say the move doesn't make sense

Toshiba is shifting away from its consumer PC business, which means you'll could see less of the company's notebooks on store shelves in the future.

Toshiba announced it would cut 900 jobs globally as it restructures its PC business to focus on enterprise customers.

The Japanese electronics firm currently makes a wide variety of Windows 8.1 laptops across its Satellites, Qosmios and Kirabooks lines, as well as Chromebooks. Moving forward, the company will likely cut down the number of products it makes, though not give up entirely on its consumer computer operations.

Toshiba stated it would withdraw from "unprofitable markets" and focus on improving its consumer PC sales in low profit/developing countries and regions.

Win some, lose some

While Toshiba will shy away from consumer PCs, the company also announced it plans to ramp up its product lines made for businesses, including workstations and tablets.

Toshiba even predicted it would double the sales of its business solutions by 2016, which is also part of the company's plan to focus on developing markets. Meanwhile, the job cuts will also help Toshiba's current financial year by removing $184 million (about £112m, AU$204m) in costs.