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HTC Flyer set for cheaper Wi-Fi option

The HTC Flyer getting Wi-Fi only option
The HTC Flyer getting Wi-Fi only option

HTC has told TechRadar at a recent briefing that it will be bringing out a Wi-Fi only variant of its new Flyer tablet.

The new device was announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and while no price was given, it's unlikely to be a cheap unit with a lot of top-end tech thrown in.

However, HTC's European Product Director Phil Blair said that the company was looking at a way to bring that cost down for some consumers:

"We're going to launch a Wi-Fi variant of the HTC Flyer in the future, which should be offered at a more accessible price point.

Two release dates

"It won't ship at the same time [as the 3G Flyer] but it will launch soon afterwards, although we don't have an exact date."

However, it seems likely that the Wi-Fi only HTC Flyer will be launched still within the Q2 window the full-fat Flyer will be released in, and if we're very lucky, and cross our fingers very tightly, it may even be released with a Honeycomb surprise.