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Microsoft Surface PC was in 2005 blockbuster

Microsoft announced its Surface computer two weeks ago

Microsoft may have announced its Surface computer just two weeks ago, but its been reported that a prototype for the concept actually featured in blockbuster The Island two years ago. Surface featured in a futuristic office scene alongside UK actors Ewan McGregor and Sean Bean. During the scene McGregor has to draw a picture of a boat with a stylus on the desk.

The desk is shown to be sensitive to touch and to objects placed upon it - a key selling point of Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft's Surface computing announcement was met with intrigue. Yet it was dismissed as little more than a concept despite the corporation's plan to install it in Hurrah's Casino resorts and Sheraton hotels by the end of the year.

According to, the news came to light after Microsoft was criticised for unoriginality in its Surface design. Critics cited the desk used in The Island as a prime example of why the concept was old news.

Click for a pic of The Island computer, as well as a YouTubed clip of the scene in question.