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Adding video to Twitter made even simpler

The new services make it simple to add video to Twitter

When even the Daily Telegraph is running stories about Twitter one has to wonder just how much longer the service can remain cool. Still, the latest Twitter add-ons under the spotlight for mashing video with Tweets are worth a look.

The most interesting is probably Twitmatic, which takes the Twitter line of "What are you doing?" a step further by asking "What do you want to watch right now?"

On-message videos

Type in a search query and the results page spews out a list of Tweets containing links to video about that subject. A piece of slick programming even has the videos play right on the page so there's no need to leave the site.

TwitVid and Twiddeo both focus on taking new video and uploading it with a link to be posted in a Tweet. Twiddeo can accept flicks uploaded from a computer, a phone or directly from a webcam, while TwitVid is still working on that last option.

All three video services are simple to use and make valuable additions to Twitter's functionality. Just do as all a favour and don't now show us what you're having for lunch as well as just Tweeting about it, ok?