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Vuvuzelas invade YouTube and Google Maps

Street View goes vuvuzela mad
Street View goes vuvuzela mad

The folks at Google continue to celebrate the World Cup in their own unique style, by adding vuvuzelas to both YouTube and Google Maps.

Love it or hate it, the bee-like drone of the vuvuzela has been the talking point of the World Cup so far and has prompted Google to add one to the StreetView 'peg man' and also to some YouTube videos.

YouTube and Maps

The inclusion of the vuvuzela on Street View is a subtle one, but you can clearly see the Street View peg man holding one when you grab him.

This only seems to work for maps of South Africa - which is apt.

The YouTube vuvuzela addition is less than subtle. Click on the football icon which can be found on selected YouTube videos and you will hear the familiar vuvuzela hum.

This isn't the first time Google has featured World Cup Easter eggs on its site. Its homepage featured a doctored Google logo which said Goooaaaal, the day the World Cup began.