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New unlimited broadband 3G dongle

New 3D dongle offers unlimited broadband
New 3D dongle offers unlimited broadband

If you are a heavy downloader and need broadband on the go, then a new subscription service being launched at CES 2010 next week might be just the ticket.

The service is being launched by US company DataJack, set to offer truly unlimited 3G high-speed data for $39.99 a month, with sign-in-sign-out options for you to take as long a time period as you like, without any costly long-term contracts.

We'd rather Jack...

If that didn't sound enticing enough, then DataJack is also promising no early termination fees, no deposits, no credit check, and all you would need to spend on top of the $40 a month subs fee is $99 for the company's USB modem at signup.

The modem also has a micro-SD slot so that you can use it as a storage device in addition to using it as your connection dongle.

As an added carrot, those users that stay connected to the service for 12 consecutive months, get one free month of unlimited 3G Internet access.

The downside? No word as yet from DataJack on plans for a UK launch. But watch this space when the company makes further announcements at CES in Las Vegas next week.