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Microsoft Bing 2.0 outed on Twitter

Bing 2.0 coming soon!
Bing 2.0 coming soon!

Bing 2.0 looks to be very much on the cards, with some "exciting news features" added to the search engine.

While it is unlikely that the UK will see these features anytime soon, as we are still toying with the beta version of Bing, some loose-lipped Microsoft engineers have been using that blabbermouth tool known as Twitter to reveal some information about the new search engine.

Super impressive

"Saw the demo of Bing 2.0, super impressive! Watch out its release next week!!" tweeted Sushil Choudhari, a software design engineer for Microsoft.

This was re-iterated by Monte Enbysk, Senior Editor, Microsoft Office Live, who explained: "Bing 2.0, out this month, has some exciting new features. Imagine seeing maps plus pics from the neighborhood of a restaurant to try."

The tweets were spotted by ZDNet, and point to a Silverlight-run version of Bing Maps in the works – something that would compete nicely with Google's highly interactive Maps service.

Microsoft is certainly ramping up the usability of Silverlight at the moment. Just this week, the company announced an interactive online 'DVD' service with Tesco.

Via ZDnet