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Hackers target AP's Twitter, send message of White House explosions

AP twitter
Turn to the Stylebook

If you follow the AP's Twitter account and were alarmed to read a tweet that there were two explosions at the White House and "Barak Obama" had been injured, you weren't alone. The U.S. stock market took a plunge following the tweet, which was sent out shortly after 1 p.m. EDT.

The tweet, it turns out, was fake, the work of hackers who compromised the AP's Twitter accounts following phishing attempts on the organization's corporate network.

Its accounts suspended, the AP said it's working with Twitter to investigate the hack, only the latest in a number of high-profile account breaches at the social network.

The Syrian Electronic Army has taken credit, though perhaps the group should have consulted an AP Stylebook prior to writing the tweet.

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