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Bitcoin 'creator' taking action against accusations ... with help from Bitcoin

Did Dorian Nakamoto invent Bitcoin? It doesn't sound like it

In March 2014 Newsweek published an article identifying California resident Dorian Nakamoto as "The Face of Bitcoin," which Nakamoto says he isn't.

Now Nakamoto, with the aid of a a legal defense fund that appears to have been established by the larger Bitcoin community itself, intends to sue the publication.

Nakamoto is not orchestrating the fund and lawsuit personally, but it is "authorized and endorsed" by him, according to the site

The site is accepting donations via check, money order, credit card, and - naturally - Bitcoin and Bitpay.

Strong accusations

Nakamoto had reportedly never heard of Bitcoin before the Newsweek article accused him of being its creator.

The site accepting donations for the suit against the publication alleges that the article's author altered and invented quotes from Nakamoto and his family, and that she likely knew she was wrong when she wrote it.

A photo shows Nakamoto holding a sign that says the article "hurt [his] family."

We asked the article's author, Leah McGrath Goodman, for a comment on the site, and we'll update if we hear back.

The bottom of it

Bitcoin is confusing, but there are resources that can shed some light on the phenomenon, including TechRadar's article on understanding Bitcoin and crypto-currency.

Here's a convenient bottom line, though: if Valve CEO Gabe Newell doesn't trust it, then you probably shouldn't either.