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Evernote and Google Drive integration is the perfect match for productivity

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In the productivity marriage of the century (or this week), Google Drive and Evernote are finally integrating, bringing together what are probably two of your favorite productivity apps in one happy union.

Now, from within Evernote, Google Drive users can access any Drive file. Put on paper, you may think, big whoop, but this means you can now drop a Google Drive file into an Evernote note instead of merely linking to it. You never have to leave one for the other (if you want to, there's a Drive icon that takes you straight to Google's service), and any changes make in Drive will automatically carry over to the Evernote version.

You'll see thumbnail previews of Drive content inserted into a note, creating a richer, more contextually useful view of what you're working on. Searching for Drive files from inside Evernote is also part of the package.

According to Evernote, more than half of its users have a Google account, so this is likely a welcome - and long-needed - partnership between two popular productivity services.

Today marks the beginning of a beta integration for Chrome and Android users, though everyone can start using the new features today. More platforms "will follow soon", and Evernote teased even tighter integration is in the offing.

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Michelle Fitzsimmons

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