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Amazon Prime Instant Video may join Netflix on Virgin Media TiVo boxes

Amazon Prime Instant Video could join Netflix on Virgin Media TiVo boxes
Time for the battle to be fought on a new front?

When Virgin Media welcomed Netflix onto its set-top boxes, some observers likened it to voluntarily sticking one's privates in a bees nest - there's maybe plenty of sweet honey on offer, but you're going to get stung!

With those fears seemingly unfounded, the television provider is looking to business with the next big on-demand company looking to put traditional cable companies out of business - Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Talks have begun with a view to the platform formerly known as Lovefilm to join Netflix as an app on TiVo boxes across the UK, according to Virgin Media's CEO Tom Mockridge.

Speaking at a Broadcasting Press Guild event in London he said "the honest answer is we have talked to them [and] we are certainly open to it, [but] It takes two to tango," before adding Amazon is still working out its proposition.

A good sport

Meanwhile, as the Guardian reports, Mockridge also reiterated that Virgin will never get involved in big bidding for the Premier League football rights he considers to be "Hollywood in the UK."

Instead, it'll continue to make deals with the likes of Sky and BT in order to bring the content directly to Virgin customers.

Do you think allowing Netflix and potentially Amazon Prime onto Virgin Media is a shrewd move? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.