The great Netflix Trojan Horse now rolling out to Virgin Media TiVo boxes

The great Netflix Trojan Horse now rolling out to Virgin Media TiVo boxes
Netflix arriving on all Virgin TiVo boxes this week

Netflix and the pay TV industry haven't always been the best of pals, with the former seemingly keen on negating the need for the latter by offering cheap, commercial free, all-you-can eat access to new TV shows new and old.

However, the apparent conflict of interest hasn't stopped Virgin Media jumping into bed with the on-demand giant by commencing the full roll out of the Netflix app for TiVo customers in the UK.

Following a successful trial in 40,000 homes in September, Virgin is now in the process of facilitating all 1.8m TiVo boxes in the UK within the next few days.

Virgin's Premiere TV and VIP Collection customers will also have the carrot of a 6-month free Netflix trial dangled in front of them, while the usual price is £5.99 a month.

Accepting the enemy?

Virgin Media will hope that the presence of Netflix will keep more customers out of the clutches of BT and Sky, rather than allowing users to realise they can probably live without those 200+ channels after all.

The company will also be more hopeful Netflix will put more eyes on its own on demand offerings as well as looking at live TV options before selecting content from Netflix.

Do you think Virgin runs the risk of cannibalising its business by allowing Netflix through the gate, or is it a smart play that's mutually beneficial to both parties? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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