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26-year-old becomes millionaire self-publishing on Kindle Store

Amanda Hockling is the best-selling independent author on the Kindle store

The best-selling independent author on the Amazon Kindle store is reportedly pulling-in $2m (£1.2m) a year by self-publishing her books.

26-year-old Amanda Hockling, who does not have a major publishing deal, is able to take home 70 per cent of the sale-price from her books, with Amazon taking a 30 per cent cut from each sale.

Hockling is selling 100,000 copies of her books per month and sells full-length novels and novellas for between 99 cents and $2.99 and produces new content on a regular basis to ensure high turnover.

Bye, Publishers

Self-publishing in ebook format is fast-becoming the best option for authors who haven't had their work picked up by traditional publishing houses.

For the author, it maximises the potential revenue by cutting out a few of the many middle men who take a piece of the action, but also means the author has to be self-reliant in terms of promoting the work.

Miss Hockling, from Austin, Minnesota, also publishes her books on the iBooks Store and for the Barnes & Noble Nook. Her most successful work is the Trylle trilogy with each of the full-length titles available to download from the Kindle Store for just $2.99 a pop.

Beware traditional publishers, your days could be numbered...