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The next version of Kinect for Windows' development kit has arrived

Thankfully Kinect does way more than gaming these days

The next version of the Kinect SDK for Windows has arrived, and with it the ability for developers to launch Kinect apps commercially in the Windows Store.

The Windows Kinect SDK 2.0 for Kinect v2 has over 200 improvements and updates to Visual Gesture Builder, Kinect Studio, Kinect Fusion, and more, Microsoft says.

In addition Microsoft has also introduced a $50 (about £30, AU$56) adapter for the Xbox One's Kinect sensor that lets it connect to Windows PCs.

With the adapter, the Xbox One Kinect acts identically to the Windows version, Microsoft Operating Systems Group Technical Fellow Alex Kipman wrote on the Microsoft Blog.

Well that's a relief

The Windows Kinect SDK version 2.0 is a free download available today.

Now that Kinect apps can be commercially deployed in the Windows Store there are already a few to choose from, including the instructional Kinect Evolution, the entertaining YAKiT, and the creative 3D Builder.

And the adapter should come in extra handy for anyone who bought a standalone Xbox One Kinect this month.