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Microsoft sees Nintendo DS as 'viable platform'

Microsoft sees Nintendo's DS as a 'viable platform'
Microsoft sees Nintendo's DS as a 'viable platform'

Microsoft-owned developers at UK-based Rare have gone on record to declare that they see the Nintendo DS "as a very viable platform” in a recent interview regarding the forthcoming Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise.

Rare’s Joe Humfrey told Eurogamer on a recent studio visit: "They [Microsoft] put the Viva Piñata franchise on TV to reach a broad audience, they put it on PC to reach a different broad audience, and they're doing the same thing with the DS," he said.

"They're trying to widen the audience of the franchise, basically."

TV tie-in

Lead designer Gary Richards added: "We wanted to tie it in with the TV series more, we thought that would be enough to get the younger audience into it. But we didn't want to lose any of the depth that Pinata had," he said.

Rare has continued to develop GBA and DS titles for a number of third-party publishers and, in the case of Diddy Kong developing directly for Nintendo.

The THQ-published Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise is set for release on 10th October this year.