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Microsoft accidentally shows off dead Xbox 360

Microsoft will be feeling rather embarrassed this afternoon after it accidentally showed off an Xbox 360 console that had succumbed to the infamous ‘red ring of death’ motherboard failure.

On the company’s stand at GDC there are a lot of consoles for show-goers to have a play on. And humiliatingly for Microsoft, one of them is broken. And worse still, it’s suffering from a problem that Microsoft was supposed to have solved.

Red ring of death

The problem was spotted by the BBC who promptly filmed the problem and uploaded it to the web. You can click on the link below to download and watch the video.

It was only last week that a US warranty company revealed that one in six Xbox 360 consoles still suffer from motherboard-related problems. The most common faults involve overheating – a problem which presents itself as three red lights displayed on the front of the console. Video failure is also common, which results in gamers having audio but no video.

It’s thought that only older Xbox 360 consoles suffer from the problems, because newer ones come with a vastly improved motherboard.