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EE's 'time limited' bargain SIM only deal is still available - 60GB data for £20/pm

SIM only deals
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EE is really stretching the definition of 'time-limited' with its latest SIM only offer. Ever since Black Friday, a good few months ago, we have seen the doom-impending banner warning us this promotion will be coming to an end...eventually.

But move past the strange longevity of this offer and it really is the best you will get from EE when it comes to SIM only deals. The plan supplies you with 60GB of data, unlimited calls, and texts at a price of just £20 a month.

While there are SIMs out there, offering more data at lower prices (looking at you Three!) EE has the obvious trick up its sleeve of being the UK's fastest 4G network. And considering it is notoriously expensive, this deal is all the more tempting.

You can find out more about EE's offering down below and see some of the other top SIM plans currently available. And if 60GB seems laughable to you, check out the best unlimited data SIM only deals.

EE's big data SIM only deal:

EE 60GB SIM only plan | 18-month contract | 60GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £20 per month
This is the best EE SIM around right now. It has been going for a while now but 'limited time' has to end eventually! For the price of £20 each month, you're rewarded with 60GB of data - plenty to get you through a large amount of streaming, gaming and more.View Deal

What other SIM only deals are available right now?

Two brands seem to be dominating the world of SIM only deals right now - Smarty and Three. Three has been running its unlimited data SIM for £18 a month for quite a while now and remains the best value you can get.

Smarty, on the other hand, has two strong offers - 30GB for £10 a month and 50GB for £15 a month. Both plans operate on 1-month rolling contracts meaning you can leave whenever or stay as long as you like.