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Microsoft may be using Nook to build an Xbox Reading app

Is Microsoft using Nook to build an Xbox Reading app?
The Xbox brand grows some more

Microsoft's began rolling out its Xbox brand to apps back in 2012 with the launch of Xbox Video and Xbox Music.

Now, according to a job posting, it's looking to roll out an Xbox Reading app for Windows 8 (and possibly other platforms) as well.

The job advert describes a position in the Music, Video and Reading team (MVR) for someone to build "a groundbreaking interactive reading app on Windows, which incorporates books, magazines, and comics."

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Microsoft already has a reading application available for Windows 8 but it seems that this Xbox-branded app could be a much bigger deal.

However it's unclear what platforms the reader app will be available on - it might not even appear on the Xbox One itself.

Microsoft invested a sizeable $300 million in Barnes and Noble's Nook back in 2012, so there's a chance that this could this be the first fruit of that relationship.

Via Gizmodo