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The world's smallest external hard drive

Samsung working on new mini hard drive concept
Samsung working on new mini hard drive concept

Samsung has unveiled a new concept for a small, sleek and shiny portable hard disc drive, for ladies (and fashion conscious gentlemen) to just pop all the data they need in their handbags and go.

The 2.5 inch HDD drive, pictured here, is only a concept at this stage, but we should hear more about if and when it will become reality from Samsung pretty soon.

Actual, available products

In other, actual real products available now news, lesser-known brand Freecom launch the Mobile Drive XXS today, which the company confidently claims to be the world's smallest 2.5" USB-2 external hard drive.

"Boasting a massive 27% reduction in size than its closest competitor, the XXS is not just small in design but also the lightest 2.5" external hard drive in the market, weighing in at just 155g… offering up to 320GB of mobile backup."

Price-wise, the Freecom mini hard drives are pretty competitively priced, with the 160GB model available now at £44.99 and the 320 GB model a mere £79.99

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