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From terrifying brakes to laser beams: how far car tech has come

Then - Maps

Car Tech

Bits of paper? How very quaint. This is one area that's changed so fast, it's easy to forget how recently pieces of paper with indecipherable pictures and lines ruled the road. Reading a map as you drove along solo was hard enough, but any kind of re-routing required a stop.

There was also printed Mapquest and directions just 15 years ago, too.

As for knowing whether you're approaching gridlock, well... good luck with that, although we suppose at least traffic jams weren't quite the ubiquitous bane then that they are now.

Now – Navigation with real-time traffic

Car Tech

Odds are you don't have a single paper map in your car. Why would you when it probably has integrated navigation AND you've also got your smartphone as back up?

The latest cars from many brands, including Audi, BMW and Jaguar, also sport real-time traffic data and can re-route you on the fly.

Even cleverer, some cars support Send to Car, which means you can fire over new destinations from your phone or computer remotely to your car.

Finding your way has never been so simple.