Anker's new power banks are specifically made to charge your Nintendo Switch


The portability of the Nintendo Switch is its unique selling point, but you may sometimes be gutted to find it run out of charge so Anker has partnered with the company to make officially licensed power banks.

Two new portable chargers from Anker are designed specifically to charge up your Nintendo Switch, although they will also work to charge up your phone, tablet and other gadgets.

The two new products have the catchy names of Anker Powercore 20100 PD and Powercore 13400 PD.

The former comes with a 20,100mAh battery inside that Anker claims will allow for an extra 15 hours of playtime on your Switch while the latter is smaller at 13,400mAh and provides around 9 hours extra.

An official option

Both come with fast-charging tech built-in and you'll be able to charge while you play.

This won't solve the issue many have with charging the Nintendo Switch with the USB-C port being on the bottom of the console, which means you can't pump it full of juice when it's in the kickstand position. You'll have to play the console in the handheld position while it charges.

In the US the chargers will be on sale from July 10, but you can pre-order right now. We don't currently have details for other markets, but we expect you'll be able to buy both chargers in most countries including the UK and Australia.

Pricing is quite high on these considering it's an Anker power bank with the Powercore 20100 costing $89.99 (about £70, AU$120) and the Powercore 13400 at $69.99 (about £50, AU$90).