Apple rumored to be refreshing the iPad, iPad mini, and iPad Air this week

iPad 10.9 2022 being held in a hand
The 10.9-inch entry-level iPad launched in 2022 (Image credit: Future)

We could be in store for a new entry-level iPad, the iPad mini 7, and the iPad Air 6 later this week, according to sources – apparently updates to all three models are due to be announced this coming Tuesday, October 17.

The original tip came from Supercharged, and it's since been verified by sources speaking to 9to5Mac. Considering how much recent speculation there's been around refreshes for these tablets, it does now seem very likely that new models are arriving imminently.

Starting with the entry-level iPad, it last got updated in 2022 – see our iPad 10.9 (2022) review for details (spoiler: we liked it a lot). It finally ditched the home button and adopted the iPad Pro look, so don't expect too many design changes this time around.

Leaks and rumors about a new base iPad model have been relatively thin on the ground: there has been talk of "spec upgrades", but that's to be expected on a new model. We'd also like to see Apple Pencil 2 support and improved battery life.

Expect a press release

We also got an iPad Air update last year, and our iPad Air (2022) review will refresh your memory. Earlier rumors suggest the possibility that two iPad Airs will appear – maybe with differing screen sizes, or maybe with differing specs.

You have to go back to our iPad mini (2021) review to find the last refresh for the smaller tablet, and while the design is again expected to be largely unchanged on the new model, we have heard that the 'jelly scrolling' screen problem will be fixed this time around.

Supercharged and 9to5Mac report that Apple will reveal the new models via a press release, so don't expect a big show like the one we got for the iPhone 15. We might get a few promo videos on YouTube, however.

You'll notice that new iPad Pros aren't mentioned in this particular leak. The most expensive of Apple's tablets are slated for an update in 2024, and it sounds as though they could be in line for a switch to OLED displays too.

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